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Hey all, it's - well, I don't really feel I have the right to call myself your moderator. I've fallen out of Final Fantasy fandom lately, and I'm very sorry for the way I've completely abandoned this community. I forgot it even existed, what is terrible - thankfully you're all such nice people and never require any modding, haha. There's no wank or catfighting, and I love you for that!

But frankly I'm probably going to continue being the worst mod ever, and you deserve much better. I know there's been little activity here for quite a while but if anyone's interested in keeping the community up and running and would like to be the new mod, just message me! Someone should be looking after this place. =)

Again, my most sincere apologies.
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Baby, baby Bubblegum. 1/1.

Author: azzy
Title: Baby, baby bubblegum.
Rating: M /N17
Warnings: pointless smut.
Fandom: FF8
Pairring: Squall/Irvine.
Beta: goodbye_sun
Summary: Irvine wonders who Squall pines for.
AN: Here you have it, sorry man, this is as close to a pwp as i get i suppose. ^_^ Sorry for the Seiferless story, i will have to make up for that eventually won't I? And the whole 'label' thing, i don't really know if its a uniquely Danish thing, nor do i care.

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last one for today

Title: Important Message
Characters: Irvine, Some nameless Seed

"Squad Leader are you alright?" a newly promoted SEED asks his hunched over superior when he notices the look on the cowboys face.

"Ummm...*cough, cough* Yeah, I'll be alright." Irvine says, his face still flushed from the recent message.

"Sir," the SeeD begins, worried at the uncharacteristic reserve of his sempai.  "Isn't any danger back home is there?  Or is there a problem with the mission?"

"No...no.  The Commander just sent something that he's assured would get us home quicker."  Irvine says and the boy relaxed.

"Will it work?"

"Yes" Irvine says remembering those fuzzy handcuffs.

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Title: Substitute (>.<)
Characters/Pairing: implied IrvinexOC (implied IrvineXSquall)

The color of the hair was wrong.

A dark brown hair filled with sun lightened strands.

And so were the eyes.

Grey that flashed to the color of storms when angered, or the color of his weapon when in battle, or a light silver when blushingly embarrassed and flustered.

As Irvine stared at the Galbadian across the bar, he tipped his hat and put on his most 'killing' smile.  Privately, he wondered it the stranger would be kind enough to help his mind forget about his friends he'd left.

And his heart forget about the Commander that didn't want it.

[Drabble] Hit and Misses

Title: Hit and Misses
Characters: Introspective Rinoa, OCs, Seifer, and implied Squivine

Timulus was nice, sweet, and lovable but later it came out that he only asked her on a dare.

Dane just wanted the prestige of dating a General's daughter.

Sano was a horndog.

Quint was pretty but stupid.


Actually, he was great, its just that...hindsight seems to say that dumping Seifer for Timber's freedom was not a smart idea.

And as she watches her current beau slyly ogle the backside of a certain womanizing cowboy, Rinoa has to wonder if maybe she'll have to add another one on her list of dating hits-and-misses list.

[Drabble] Shameless

Char:Irvine and Rinoa

"Have you no shame?"

Rinoa stands in front of him, the air literally crackling with energy as she directs her gaze on the slouching gunman.

Tilting his hat back, Irvine cant help the knowing smile on his face as he watches the spark fly. The smile starts to transform into a leering smirk as he recalls the vision of a panting Squall he'd left in the library.

"About what sweet cheeks? The fact that I was spending quality time with my sweetheart?  Or the fact that my sweetheart gets extra rowdy when he knows that others are nearby and watching?"